This project is the culmination of a variety of different aspects of my creative past. The aim is, basically, to stitch together some of these modular aspects into a cohesive project, while adding in new areas of expertise to fill in any gaps, and deliver varyious expressive outcomes.

With experience already accrued in multiple disciplines, such as Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation supported by involvement in online content generation and print finishing, the desired outcome will have strong aesthetic value with realworld and digital applications. Outwith these parameters there is scope to get involved with creative teams interested in developing parradigm altering media and culturally applicable content.

As and when projects start to take shape, details of the projects aim and status shall be updated here, with links to any extraneous sites or content added into the forthcoming projects section. Given the level of involvement required to participate in Social Media circles, it would be detrimental to the creative processes to provide frequent updates, and so will be limited to key points based on the requirements of specific projects.

Hopefully the results shall prove themselves to be interest, engaging and appeal to those of you who are likewise inclined.